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Latest product news

18. January 2017 | Products

Singapore Green Building Product Certificate

Magic Cable Tray Systems; RKS Magic, MKS Magic and SKS Magic has been awarded the rating: “two tics very good”.
18. August 2015 | Products

OBO Aquasit for waterproof electrical installations.

Try out the new OBO Aquasit set with the cold casting compound Aquasit and a junction box T40.

Latest company news

15. March 2017 | Company

OBO Bettermann is awarded the DGNB Navigator Label

For its Magic cable support systems RKSM, MKSM and SKSM, OBO Bettermann has now been awarded the DGNB Navigator Label.
23. November 2015 | Company

GREEN application feature

OBO Bettermann SEA is ready to serve the market.