Device systems

The principle of Modul 45®

One for all.

The new simplicity
Each building requires an individual solution for electrical installations. The Modul 45 series from OBO means that it is always possible to find a functional and aesthetically pleasing solution. Modul 45 can be installed universally in device installation trunking, in underfloor systems, in installation column systems and also in concealed and cavity wall applications. Using adapters and installation accessory sockets, Modul 45 devices can also be used in LFS systems with an 80 mm cover. When combined with trunking and cover frames, this produces a system in which everything is matched – and which can be adapted to new conditions at any time using just a few actions. Switches, sockets and data technology simply have to be snapped in. Device mounting has never been quicker or simpler.

The advantages of Modul 45 at a glance:

Modular structure

Quick and easy planning

Easy mounting

High efficiency due to time and cost savings

Wide range of application options

Space savings

Easy exchangeability

Flexible adaptability

Attractive design