Device systems

Concealed and cavity wall installation with Modul 45®

Lots of options for concealed and cavity wall solutions
OBO offers two systems for device installation in the concealed and cavity wall areas, which allow the installation of Modul 45 accessories. The systems are matched and designed to the various installation requirements and practices. Be it individual device installations, a switch/socket combination or the installation of a multiple socket, the right installation material is available for any requirements.

Standard device installation for Modul 45
The system components are designed for the installation of individual installation accessories. With device combinations, the individual accessories are mounted in a combination spacing of 71 mm. Besides the standard accessory sockets, two support plates with screw fastening or fastening claws and the appropriate cover frames are available in the widths ½ module and 1/1 module. Additional cover frames in 2 x 1/1 and 3 x 1/1 module width for the combination of multiple standard accessory sockets complete the range.

Device installation system for Modul 45
The components of the device installation system are designed for the installation of multiple sockets and for device combination in one accessory socket. They consist of system accessory sockets and support plates in the module widths 1½x, 2x and 3x. Lockable cover frames for the width ½ module, 1/1 module, 1½ modules, 2 modules and 3 modules allow any combination of different Modul 45 components.