Device systems

Data technology connection modules for Modul 45®

Connection module Cat. 5e, unshielded

Connection module Cat. 5e, shielded

Connection module Cat. 6, unshielded

Connection module Cat. 6, shielded

Connection module Cat. 6A (ISO), unshielded

Connection module Cat. 6A (ISO), shielded

Perfect interplay

Change becomes everyday
Networks are coming together in modern offices. OBO solutions enable you to simply integrate highly sensitive PC electronics and communication devices into standard switch installations. The result is an aesthetic system, with the data technology being harmoniously matched to the Modul 45 product range. The OBO range of surge protectors guarantees optimised safety: sensitive high-tech modules are protected against voltage peaks.
The Cat. 5e connection modules of the R&M freenet cabling system are suited to both speech and data applications and are suitable for transmission frequencies of up to 100 MHz. The Cat. 6 connection modules of the R&M freenet cabling system are also suited to speech applications, however they are suitable for faster data applications and for transmission frequencies of up to 250 MHz.
Fibre optic connection modules can also be installed. Everything fits into the system and can be altered as and when needed.

No matter which connection modules you use: For all the modules, there is a suitable Modul 45® data technology support. Cat. 5e and Cat. 6 connection modules are accepted by the data technology support, type RM. The Cat. 6A connection modules are equipped with the standard Keystone fastening system and fit in Type C data technology supports.

Ready for the future
When carrying out system restructuring work, only the connection modules need be replaced with the appropriate Modul 45® data technology support.

When you carry out an installation with the OBO (R&M) components, we give a five-year guarantee on the products, a twenty-year guarantee for the system and a lifetime guarantee for the applications.