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Power supply units VH and VHF

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Supply units for power and compressed air
Often, supplying power to workstations in production and workshops is a difficult matter. The required power sources, such as heavy current and compressed air, come from central supply points, are run to the individual workstations and must then often be re-bundled. These supply lines are often easily missed and pose additional risks at the workstation. Besides posing the risk of tripping, carelessly routed compressed-air hoses or power cable extensions often cause transport problems and are sources of risk not to be underestimated, especially when rapid working routes are required.
OBO Bettermann can provide assistance here: With the space-saving type VH and VHF power supply units, problematic extension cables and hoses are a thing of the past. The solution is literally in the air and close at hand! The required compact, box-like distributors can be suspended from the ceiling using a knotted chain and thus freely positioned in the room. Thus OBO power supply units offer safe, rational working at the workstation.

VH power supply unit
Under normal working conditions, the VH distributor is used for machining and mounting areas or in car workshops.
To meet the necessary requirements, besides the freely equippable power supply units for four or eight devices, there is also a range of pre-equipped and pre-wired units available.

VHF power supply unit
In work areas such as bakeries, industrial kitchens, abattoirs or laboratories, power supplies will be subjected to special requirements. This is a job for the VHF distributor. It allows a wide range of solutions, which are suitable for damp and wet areas up to a protection rating of IP44.

The right accessories for every application
A comprehensive range of accessories complete the VH and VHF power supply units. It allows the installation of Modul 45 accessories, standard switching and connection devices, extension sockets with 38 x 38 mm fastening system, CEE connection units, protection units and much more. This means that there are no limits to the range of applications for power supply units. Heavy current, compressed air, data technology and even country-specific installation solutions are available wherever they are required.