Device systems

The perfect combination: Modul 45® device installation in cable routing systems with 80 mm installation opening

Device installation systems allow mounting of Modul 45® devices in Rapid 80 device installation ducts and ISS service pole systems with an 80 mm mounting opening.

System structure
The flexible system offers standardised installation of Modul 45® devices. All the system components are equipped with self-locking fastening elements, allowing the installation engineer to install devices quickly and safely. To meet all the different installation requirements, we can offer multiple sizes of service units and mounting supports with the matching cover frames for horizontal and vertical installation.

New options for device labelling
If device labelling is required, then the cover frames with a labelling panel are used. The labelling panel is locked directly onto the service unit or the mounting support and, depending on requirements, can be fastened on all four sides of the service unit or mounting support. Advantage: With installations at a later date, the labelling remains at the installation location. There is no need for lengthy allocation during assembly.