Device systems

What is Modul 45connect®?

Mounted at high speed
Time is money! This statement reflects the fact that installation and mounting time are becoming ever more important in the decision for or against a product. The new Modul 45connect socket system from OBO Bettermann is taking this principle up and can offer new and innovative opportunities with regard to speed, safety and flexibility.

The new socket concept
The Modul 45connect sockets impress with simplified installation and reduced mounting time. With them, you need not do without the known benefits of the Modul 45 products. The plug connections of the new sockets are located on the front side and are thus particularly suited to applications in device installation trunking or service poles. Besides the standard fixed wiring up to a cable cross-section of 2.5 mm², the new arrangement of the plug connections allows simple attachment of connection adapters. For country-specific use, protective contact sockets and sockets with an earthing pin are available in double and triple versions with a 33° connection direction.

Connection adapters
All the connection adapters for the Modul 45connect system are equipped with the tried-and-trusted GST18i connector system and use connector and socket adapters to offer a standardised connection and forwarding option for power supplies using the known VL extension cables. To ensure visual differentiation between circuits, all the connection adapters and connection cables are available in the colours white and black.

Connection adapter
An additional new function is the connection of sockets using the plug connector for the Modul 45connect system. It is possible to create multi-socket combinations (up to 6x combinations) without the need for additional wiring.