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Building Connections

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    The foldable Deskbox DBK 2

    A new lease of life for a successful product: The foldable Deskboxes from OBO Bettermann are now available with a practical additional function.

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    OBO Deskbox

    High-quality material, slim design and variable installation options: The new generation of OBO Deskboxes can prove themselves both in the standard and special versions through their appearance and versatility.

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    OBO junction boxes

    Small or large, classic or modern, for standard or special applications – variety is at home in the field of OBO junction boxes. There's something for everyone.

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    Mesh cable trays GR-Magic®

    System innovation from OBO: Mesh cable tray with the patented GR-Magic® connection system – rapid mounting and flexibility redefined.

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    Cable tray RKS-Magic®

    The best

    ...pluggable cable tray that the OBO engineers have ever invented.

  • Products

    UDHOME floor sockets and floor boxes

    UDHOME floor sockets and floor boxes: elegant, discreet and robust


OBO Compact

For our common asked products please download the OBO SEA Compact catalogue and for pricing please contact our Team.


Singapore Green Building Product Certificate

Magic Cable Tray Systems; RKS Magic, MKS Magic and SKS Magic has been awarded the rating: “two tics very good”.


GRANT for OBO Magic Cable Trays

In line with the government’s push for productivity in the construction industry, BCA has launched the Productivity Innovation Project.