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Cable support systems

Cable tray RKS-Magic®

Rapid mounting thanks to the OBO plug connection

The best pluggable cable tray...

that the OBO engineers have ever invented. Many practical benefits make the RKS-Magic® more than just fast:

With its innovative connection, the RKS-Magic® cable tray combines speed, support and safety. Just connect the pieces, lock them in place – and you're done! That saves time. Without screws, connectors or other accessory parts, you can increase your mounting speed by up to 100%.
Of course, the RKS-Magic® tray range can be combined with countless accessory parts.

Mechanical safety

  • Even with the maximum load, a clean transition is guaranteed at the joints
  • Secure connection, even in the case of shaking and vibrations

Electrical safety

  • Permanently guaranteed equipotential bonding, without additional components
  • EMC and surge current-tested
  • VDE-tested to DIN EN IEC 61537:2007

Safety in case of fire

  • MPA function maintenance-tested to DIN 4102-12, load capacity to 20 kg/m for widths 100 to 300 mm.
  • No threaded rod lock required for brackets
Sectional overview

Of course, all the RKS-Magic® cable platforms are available in various heights and widths:

Overview of the available tray dimensions (in mm)

You can find more details and technical information on the Magic cable tray systems here.

Connection without accessories ‒ here's how:

RKS Magic mounting