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Cable routing systems

Solutions for office workstations

Flexible solutions for administration
Working processes in the administrations of airports and railway station are closely linked to electrical technology. OBO systems provide the necessary supplies. They run power over floors, ceilings or walls. High-quality interior architecture especially profits from the option of matching the range of systems perfectly to any task and room situation.

Device installation ducts
No cable gets in the way when power and data are run along the wall in device installation ducts in the office. When mounted at a suitable height, they allow quick access to sockets and data technology elements. OBO device installation ducts are a part of a comprehensive overall system. They stand out on account of the range of components, simple combinations and intelligence in detail.

Service poles
OBO service poles are technical and visual highlights in the supply of power to offices. The slender floor to ceiling poles, made of steel or aluminium, can be supplied with power and data through the Consolidation Points in the false ceiling and can be positioned freely. With floor poles, the connection takes place ideally via raised and cavity floors.