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Cable support systems

Cable tray systems and mesh cable tray systems

Starting and stopping
Modern airports and railway stations combine logistical areas with retail and pleasure areas. An invisible network of power and data cables maintains the functions of this highly complex infrastructure. The challenges here include the safe routing of large quantities of cables. OBO cable support systems offer a comprehensive range of solutions for every requirement. From light-duty mesh cable trays to all kinds of cable trays.

Maximum security and fault-free operation
As one of the leading manufacturers of cable support systems, OBO proves its competence on a daily basis. The easy-to-mount products
can fulfil even the most challenging requirements regarding dimensions and material thicknesses. As coloured variants, they can also fit harmoniously into any design concept as required. A unique stainless steel product range is available for areas with special requirements.

Vertical ladder, cable ladder and wide span systems

For long distances and high loads
OBO also has the right cable support product for special tasks. Cable ladder and wide span systems are used to bridge large gaps and high cable loads.

High load capacity
OBO systems have proven their worth in many areas of industrial and systems engineering. The product range contains versions with various dimensions and surface executions. In addition, OBO can offer a comprehensive range of system accessories, such as fittings and fastening materials.