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Fire protection systems

Fires are serious
There are few places in which the safety requirements in case of fire are higher than in railway stations and airports. To protect people, safety-relevant systems must function for as long as possible. Fires, such as that at Düsseldorf Airport in 1996, have led to a strengthening of the requirements for electrical installations. With tested systems for structural fire protection, OBO helps to fulfil these conditions.

Three protection aims
In buildings through which many people pass each day, three protection aims must be fulfilled in case of fire:

  1. Limiting the spread of the fire,
  2. Protecting escape and rescue routes,
  3. Maintaining the function of important electrical systems.

With OBO systems, planners and operators have the perfect components for the complete fire protection and function maintenance of their building.


1st protection aim: Limiting the spread of the fire
The limiting of the fire to specific structural sections means that the remaining parts of the building are protected for a defined period of time. This offers valuable extra time for the evacuation of people and the initiation of extinguishing measures.

OBO insulation maintains the fire sections, thus preventing a rapid spread of fire and smoke. The insulation is designed for different wall types and the cables or pipes routed therein.

Escape route installation

2nd protection aim: Secure emergency and escape routes
When a fire breaks out, every minute is crucial. If there is a fire, emergency and escape routes are the central lifelines of a building. The longer people can use them, the greater the chances that they will escape the fire and dangerous smoke.

OBO can offer a comprehensive programme of tested fire protection systems for the protection of emergency and escape routes. The product range comprises metal grouped supports and pressure clips, cable trays, fire protection ducts, fire protection bandages and much more. Escape route installation takes place above false ceilings.

Systems for electrical function maintenance

3rd protection aim: Electrical function maintenance
Function maintenance of the electrical systems exists when the current flow is not interrupted during a fire. This means: Emergency and escape routes remain usable. Important technical equipment, such as emergency lighting, fire alarm systems, and extraction systems and extinguishing systems, continue to function. The longer these systems work, the greater the chances of rescue and firefighting are.

OBO systems can withstand the heat of the fire over a certain period of time without any impairment of the function of the cables. From cable trays to junction boxes, all the products have been tested according to national and international standards.