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Transient and lightning protection systems

Safe. Solutions for external lightning protection and surge protection

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No operator of an airport or railway station can afford a failure of technical devices due to lightning strikes. Lightning protection systems installed professionally and in accordance with the regulations provide effective protection. Damage from lightning and surge voltages occurs with equal frequency. Such damage can be caused either by lightning strikes in the vicinity or by switching operations in large electrical systems. Besides damage to devices, the failure of networks, and the corresponding loss of data, can have a dramatic impact.

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Integrated lightning and surge protection from OBO
OBO systems provide reliable protection of people and property. Interception systems, arrestors and earthing systems ensure external lightning protection. Equipotential bonding and surge protection systems provide protection against the effects of the lightning current. Real protection is only guaranteed when all the components have been installed. OBO supplies all the elements, which are matched to each other, from a single source.